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Golf product manufacturers

Why Golf Promotional Products?

Pairing Golf and Business for Unequalled Success

Versa_Putter.pngA friendly game of golf can be an incredible opportunity for business owners and managers to escape the confines of the office and truly benefit their business. A business golf game is like a 4 hour sales call. Use this time to get to know your client while building a relationship and creating a firm foundation for a successful business partnership.

Business golf games provide the perfect setting for promoting your business through brand recognition and imaging on the course while establishing relationships with potential partners, clients, and customers. Presenting your potential business partners with high quality corporate branded golfing apparel and accessories at the start of the game instill goodwill right away, ensuring an entertaining game and a constant reminder of your company every time your client reaches for their brand new logo branded club.

The Advantages of a Business Golf Game

Adidas_Polo.pngGolf also provides an unbeatable level of versatility and flexibility. Business owners and managers at any age can play golf and enjoy a leisurely, entertaining day on the course. The same can’t be said for many other sports, such as tennis or basketball. It’s difficult to carry on a friendly business based conversation while you’re chasing down a rogue ball or trying to block a layup.

Mixing Business With Golf Produces Results!

The length of time it takes to play 18 holes of golf provides an opportunity for both parties to discuss business transactions at length and in detail in a comfortable and entertaining setting. Business owners and potential clients can learn a lot about each other in the time it takes to play a full game, providing both parties with excellent insight while building a friendly, productive relationship.

Let DisVet help you with your next business transaction. Contact the corporate branding apparel professionals at Dis/Vet today to discuss how our high quality logowear and promotional products can benefit your business and your brand name recognition.

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